now available on Sound of the Sea:

fits of hail belmore  sos-32
W139 PSD
“utterly gorgeous—sonically and visually…
a pair of must-hear tracks(…)make a moody-yet-joyful noise of
an irresistible earworm quality…
allow me to state for the record: Fits of Hail. Long-player. Now.”

Fred Mills, Editor – Blurt Magazine

WRCT-FM (Pittsburgh, PA): top ten for two weeks, peaking at #3 (5.21.17)

foh clutter grab edit textcamethrubrandywine's
cdbaby  bandcamp  soundcloud

sings please please me   sos-31
“a very worthwhile tribute…If you are a fan of The Fab Four, this is a Must Listen To release.” –

cdbaby   bandcamp   spotify

rising   sos-30
“pop-rock at its most buoyant, vibrant, and engaging” – Jersey Beat
“Rising is packed with timeless pop-rock gems” – Cool Cleveland
“this one ended up in heavy rotation on my iPhone” – the Reader (Omaha, NE)

sputnik rising all
cdbaby    bandcamp (xtra tracks)    spotify

alan grandy acrowno’stars   sos-28
“fans of genre-benders will find much to admire in Grandy’s repetoire…(his) songs are sweetly thoughtful” – Seattle Weekly
“acrowno’stars cuts as close to the emotional bone as possible” – Alternative Press

cdbaby   spotify

various artists
el grande   sos-27
“the perfect place to begin to start discovering the talent and music of one of Cleveland’s best singer-songwriters.” – Cleveland Free Press
El Grande is a fitting retrospective and a preview of things to come from one of the city’s best unsung heroes.” – Scene Magazine
It’s worth a listen…the Terrible Parade is excellent.” –

cd baby    bandcamp    spotify

sputnik I, cosmonaut
i cosmo cover!
“a delicious, harmony-filled pop debut” – Paste Magazine
“quite talented songwriting…tightly-wound arrangements and unique melodies suggest The Wedding Present, or the maturity of Workbook-era Bob Mould” – All Music Guide
“…reminiscent of the Kinks here, the Pixies there,…Sputnik’s promising debut packs ten Grandy-penned indie-rock ditties with catchy hooks and shimmering harmonies aplenty.”
– Cleveland Plain Dealer

cdbaby     bandcamp (xtra tracks)    spotify


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