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Hi friends and casual viewers, welcome to the new site for soundofthesea.org!

Our site here features three main threads worth checking out: “on my block” highlights folks and activities of interest in our greater sphere, while “underradar” (from the Sputnik song, “last man on earth”) attends to the comings and goings here at Sound of the Sea proper. We also have a “song spotlight”, which features songs both past and present (including alternate and unreleased tracks) along with stories behind and around them – the songs are often free downloads, so all good there. There may be some overlap overall, but it won’t be too messy, we’ll figure that out as we go, much like life.

Please feel free to visit our music page (link below) to see and hear what we’ve been up to over the last handful of years as well. As with Motel 6, the light will (hopefully) always be on here if you choose to stop by.

p.s. the image at the tip-top of the page is of our great lake Erie, no, not its original color, but we’re optimists here, hence the rose-colored perspective, so there ya go…thanks for checking us out!

S.o.S. music page

on my block

admiral sings ‘please please me’

Sputnik “last man on earth”

previous song spotlight/”el grande” sampler

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